Cars, culture, cinema, class, taste and race……we cover it all

Love them, hate them or somewhere in between, most of us have an opinion about cars.Our opinions might be formed by what we see on films and tv, by our own experiences and hobbies, or by their wider societal and environmental impact. Based on fascinating research by Yunis Alam (Senior Lecturer in Sociology) and with contributions from artists, enthusiasts and industry experts, Yunis and David Wilson (Bradford UNESCO City of Film), will discuss cars and how they impact our identity and society.

As part of the University of Bradford UNIFY Festival we will explore car culture in Bradford and look in more detail at class, perceptions of crime, cultural influences such as cinema and social media.

We will delve into the research and published work of Dr Yunis Alam and also discuss the role of the car in many influential movies over the past few decades



We will also hear from Bradford theatre company Common Wealth Theatre about their new production ‘Peaceophobia’ which is an unapologetic response to rising Islamophobia around the world. Part car-show, part-theatre, the show asks how do you find peace in a world that tells you who you are?

We will speak with the producer of Peaceophobia producer, Mariya about her approach to an artistic intervention of this type






We will also speak with car enthusiast Ali who runs the Bradford Modified Car Club






The event will take place online on Thursday 15 April 2021 at 18.00 – 19.00 (BST)

To register for this event please follow this link

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