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Our Vision

Bradford UNESCO City of Film and Bradford City Council have teamed up to provide a new programme of events and content for the Bradford Big Screen.

As well as providing national and local news, sport, arts, culture, entertainment and events, we want the screen to belong to the people of the city. If you have a film, photographs or other content to share with us then please get in touch. With 500,000 people on average passing by the screen each month it’s a great opportunity.

We’re looking for content that enlightens, inspires, entertains, brings a smile to our faces — and make us proud to be from Bradford.

What’s on

  • Thu

    Art and science merge on the big screen in an ambitious creative project

    11:00 amBradford's Big Screen

    Art and science merge on the big screen in an ambitious creative project

    An interdisciplinary team spanning the Universities of Bradford and Leeds have won Arts and Humanities Research Council follow-on funding in an ambitious project which brings art and science together in an unusual creative arena.

    Artist and lecturer Kate Johnson is leading the project   - and each stage of the work is being revealed in  a series of short films  which will be updated on the big screen during the coming months.

    You can see the first exciting stages of the project in the first two films of her work  on the big screen every day at 11am or watch them here on the website following these links:  Chapter 1   Chapter 2

    Supporting the project are Drs Adrian Evans and Andrew Wilson in Forensic and Archaeological Sciences, Carlton Reeve and Mark Goodall in Engineering and Informatics, Drs Steven Milne and Leon Black, Faculty of Engineering, UOL, David Wilson, Bradford UNESCO City of Film, Dr Alison Smith, National Portrait Gallery, musician Jeremy Bradford and cameraman Jimi Lund.

    Click HERE for more information

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  • Wed

    North in Focus

    12:15 pmBradford Big Screen


    The North in Focus

    This exhibition brings events and photographs - some previously unseen -  from the extensive collection of Bradford Museums and Galleries to the big screen. Working in partnership with Bradford UNESCO City of Film,  this feature runs every day at 1215 and 1510 on the Big Screen.

    Currently screening:

    Unmistakably Bradford

    In November 2017, a group of first year BA Photography students from Bradford School of Art at Bradford College visited Bradford Industrial Museum.

    They viewed their photographic collections and learned how the curators use observational skills and historical knowledge to date photographs which sometimes have little or no additional information.

    Their brief was to take photographs of the centre of Bradford, imagining a viewer fifty or a hundred years into the future. Features within their images should give subtle clues as to when they were taken.

    In short, the future viewer should be able to say with some certainty: "That's unmistakably Bradford, 2018."

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  • Sat

    Film screenings

    variousBradford Big Screen

    We're hosting a series of film screenings for Bradford Literature Festival, the Bradford Classic and our own Bradford Family Film Festival here on the big screen.

    Bradford Literature Festival

    Saturday 30th June 

    Xmen (2000) 1hr 44mins

    Starring Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, two mutants come to a private academy for their kind whose resident superhero team must oppose a terrorist organization with similar powers.

    Sunday 1st July 

    Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) 2hrs 1min

    A group of intergalactic criminals are forced to work together to stop a fanatical warrior from taking control of the universe.

    Saturday 7th July 

    Finding Nemo (2003) 1hr 40mins

    After his son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, a timid clownfish sets out on a journey to bring him home.


    Bradford Classic

    Saturday 11th August - 1:30pm

    Love Bug (1969) - 1hr 48mins

    A race car driver becomes a champion with a Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own.

    Bradford Family Film Festival

    Full programme to be announced next month which will include  City Park screenings of popular family movies every Wednesday throughout August for free

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  • Mon

    Not Just Hockney art exhibition

    12:30 pmBradford's Big Screen



    Not Just Hockney is the brainchild of amateur arts enthusiast Colin Neville. The monthly exhibition features work from painters, ceramists, textile and jewellery makers. Artists involved say the project gives them vital outdoor “gallery” space after harsh economic times have seen many local galleries closing. If you can't get down to the screen watch the exhibition here.

    July and August's exhibition   - The Yorkshire Coast


    Bradford-born, Sue Atkinson, paints seascape and town scenes of ordinary people going about their working lives or enjoying their leisure. She is a member of the Fylingdales Group of coastal artists and her work has been widely exhibited, including at Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions. Prizes for her paintings, include a Manchester Academy Award, Royal Watercolour Society Award, and at The ‘Discerning Eye’ Exhibition, 2002.


    Artist and teacher, Pam Bumby, has lived in the Bingley area for over 18 years. Her mixed media paintings are influenced by her travels in the UK and overseas. She has been an active member of the Menston Arts Club for 25+ years and her prize-winning work has been exhibited across Britain, including at Cartwright Hall. Staithes, on the Yorkshire coast, is a favourite painting location for her.


    Painter and photographer, Ian Burdall, lives in Saltaire. He is particularly attracted to paint and photograph scenes along the North Yorkshire coast, including industrial sites. His artwork regularly features in the Saltaire Arts Trail, ‘Art in the Pen’, Skipton, and at the Staithes Arts and Heritage Festival.

    Contact: Facebook: Ian Burdall Painting and Photography

    Alice Fox is a Saltaire-based textile artist who works with natural fibres and gathered materials to create surfaces and structures using a range of print and textile art techniques. Alice’s creative ideas have often been formed by walking coastlines, including in Yorkshire. She exhibits, lectures and teaches nationally and internationally and is a member of the Textile Study Group and the Society of Designer Craftsmen.


    Sarah Harris is silk-screen print artist from Shipley. In 2013 Sarah gained the Curzon Exhibition Award at the ‘New Lights’ art prize for artists from Northern England, which led to a solo show in Ripon: ‘Discovering Yorkshire’. Since then Sarah’s work has been exhibited widely across Yorkshire, including solo shows at Cartwright Hall and Bradford Cathedral. She also leads workshops in screen printing techniques.

    Contact details:

    Geraldine Thompson has a studio at Addingham. Her paintings, which include portraits, land and seascapes, have been exhibited in London and widely across Yorkshire, including at the Ilkley Art Trail, Dean Clough Gallery, the University of Leeds, and Yorkshire Watercolour Exhibition. Her work can also be found in private collections in Britain, France, Spain, Italy and the USA.


    Bradford UNESCO City of Film, David Wilson said: “Some of the artists we are working with are well known but others are not and so we’re delighted to be supporting local creativity. The images and photographs of the work are stunning and will no doubt draw some real attention in City Park.”

    Not Just Hockney will run every day at 1230 on Bradford Big Screen. Five different artists will feature  bi-monthly.  For more see

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Please note content to be considered for the screen must be sent to us at least two weeks before the suggested schedule date. The more notice we have, particularly for events and advertising campaigns the better, as this helps us serve your needs more effectively.

Film, song or exhibition of the month

Title: Bradford Architecture by Conor MacMahon, University of Bradford student


Bradford Architecture by Conor MacMahon from Bradford UNESCO City of Film on Vimeo.