Big Screen Schedule

We run the screen on a “dynamic” system which means that some of our content is scheduled to appear randomly across our output so that it maintains a fresh appeal for various audiences throughout the day.
The screen runs ordinarily from 0700 to 2300 hours.  Our schedule changes regularly and we also work with partners and clients who utilise the screen for events, particularly in the summer months.  We also run advertising slots for regional and national clients at times agreed throughout the day and some mainstream television news and programming where it’s deemed of interest.  For  any further information  please contact the screen manager
To give a sense of the breadth of our output, below are some of our standard sections or “magazines” which operate throughout the day. (Please note they are subject to change)
  • BBC Breakfast news  0700 to 0900
  • National and regional news content on the quarter hour
  • North in Focus exhibition 12.15pm daily.
  • Film (featuring films made in association with Bradford UNESCO City of Film)  20 and 50 mins past the hour
  • Active (Sports and leisure content)  23 mins past the hour
  • Not Just Hockney exhibition 12.30pm daily.
  • Life (general films and content about local activities or interests) 35 mins past the hour
  • Yorkshire Music Box (Slot designated to local musicans)  Twice weekly. Wed from 6pm and Sat from 3pm.
  • What’s On (Listings Guide)  Runs throughout the day as part of  our dynamic scheduling. Any event slide sent into us gets on average 5-6 plays a day between 0700 and 2300.