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Bradford Big Screen sits at the heart of the vibrant City Park which sees on average 500,000 people passing through every month. For events there can be as many as 150,000 people gathered in the space and increasingly we are seeing the screen feature as part of many events.

Our remit is to entertain and inform and so we screen a mix of local and national news, cultural and sporting content seven days a week, 7am until 11pm. We also host our own events like the Royal Opera House screenings and we have the facility to host events for other organisations, working closely alongside the council events team.

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What’s On

Bradford is a busy and exciting city. What’s On is a listings service promoting cultural, sporting and other events in and around the Bradford area. If you would like to submit any content to the Big Screen What’s On guide, please contact us.


This is our Life section, which showcases what goes on culturally and creatively around Bradford. If you would like to submit any content to the Big Screen Life section, please contact us.
  • Mon

    Not Just Hockney art exhibition

    12:30 pmBradford's Big Screen



    Not Just Hockney is the brainchild of amateur arts enthusiast Colin Neville. The exhibition features work from painters, ceramists, textile and jewellery makers. Artists involved say the project gives them vital outdoor “gallery” space after harsh economic times have seen many local galleries closing. If you can't get down to the screen watch the exhibition here.

    Due to COVID-19 May and June's 'Community Art' exhibition was only available online. Throughout July and August this exhibition will be shown every day on the Big Screen at 12pm.

    July and August's exhibition - Local Portrait Artists


    Buddy Brook is a wood sculptor, painter and illustrator, who works from his studio and home at Baildon. In addition to intricately carved wood sculptures, Buddy paints in watercolour, pastels and oils in a wide subject range, but particularly portraits and domestic or nature scenes. He is also a cartoon and greeting card illustrator. His work has been exhibited at Cartwright Hall, Bradford, at the 2017 Open Exhibition.
    Contact: buddybrook.weebly.com

    Marcus Levine uses nails to create his artworks. His portraits and sculptures can sometimes take months to complete and can use up to 200,000 nails, depending on the size and complexity of the work. His artworks are now in many private collections and have been exhibited across the UK, including locally at Cartwright Hall, Little Germany, the University of Bradford, and Harewood House, Leeds. He lives in Bingley.  Contact: levine-art.co.uk


    Richard Mort is a painter who has lived in Bradford since 1977. He worked in textile design for many years until he became a freelance artist in 2006. His subjects include abstract works, often involving multiple canvases, as well as portraiture.   Richard’s work has been shown in group and solo shows across the district, including at local libraries, the Saltaire Arts Trail, and the South Square Art Centre, Thornton.  Contact: search Richard Mort on Facebook.

    Geraldine Thompson has a studio at Addingham.  Her paintings, which include commissioned portraits and landscapes, have been exhibited in London and widely across Yorkshire, including at the Dean Clough, the University of Leeds, Yorkshire Watercolour Exhibition, and the Ilkley Art Trail.  Her artworks can be found in private collections in Britain, France, Spain, Italy and the USA.
    Contact: geraldinethompsonart.com

    The Bradford-born sculptor, Jamie Wardley, is the founder of ‘Sand in Your Eye’. Jamie and his team have built an international reputation for their sand portraits, and land art, and ice sculptures.  They have worked on a wide range of commissioned projects, included memorably creating sand portraits in 30 UK coastal locations reproducing the many faces from WW1 to mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day 1918. Contact: sandinyoureye.co.uk

    Although the artist, Tom Wood, was born in Tanganyika, there is a strong education, work and residency connection with the Bradford district. He has built a global reputation for his commissioned portraits, which have included Prince Charles, Lord Robert Winston, Lord and Lady Harewood, and Alan Bennett. Tom’s work is now included in over thirty public and corporate collections in Britain, including the UK National Portrait Gallery.
    Contact: tomwoodfineart.com


    Bradford UNESCO City of Film, David Wilson said: “Some of the artists we are working with are well known but others are not and so we’re delighted to be supporting local creativity. The images and photographs of the work are stunning and will no doubt draw some real attention in City Park.”

    Not Just Hockney will run every day at 1230 on Bradford Big Screen. Six different artists will feature  bi-monthly.  For more see http://www.notjusthockney.info/

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