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Bradford Big Screen sits at the heart of the vibrant City Park which sees on average 500,000 people passing through every month. For events there can be as many as 150,000 people gathered in the space and increasingly we are seeing the screen feature as part of many events.

Our remit is to entertain and inform and so we screen a mix of local and national news, cultural and sporting content seven days a week, 7am until 11pm. We also host our own events like the Royal Opera House screenings and we have the facility to host events for other organisations, working closely alongside the council events team.

Our content segments include

What’s On

Bradford is a busy and exciting city. What’s On is a listings service promoting cultural, sporting and other events in and around the Bradford area. If you would like to submit any content to the Big Screen What’s On guide, please contact us.


This is our Life section, which showcases what goes on culturally and creatively around Bradford. If you would like to submit any content to the Big Screen Life section, please contact us.
  • Wed

    North in Focus

    12:15 pmBradford Big Screen


    The North in Focus

    This exhibition brings events and photographs - some previously unseen -  from the extensive collection of Bradford Museums and Galleries to the big screen. Working in partnership with Bradford UNESCO City of Film,  this feature runs every day at 1215 and 1710 on the Big Screen.

    Currently screening: Studio to Selfie and Modelmania

    Studio to Selfie

    Selfie style: Bradford photographer, Christopher Pratt captures himself at 14 (1902)

    This exhibition on the Bradford Big screen examines our ever changing relationship with portrait photography, from the formal Victorian posed sepia images to today's casual images caught as selfies on mobile phones.

    The full exhibition at the Bradford Industrial Museum runs until 3 November 2019

    North in Focus: Studio to Selfie from Bradford UNESCO City of Film on Vimeo.



    This exhibition showcases a selection of the many miniature engineering marvels held within the collections of the Bradford Industrial Museum. It's a celebration of the ingenuity and skills of the modelmakers.

    The images on the big screen are a selection from the full exhibition at the Bradford Industrial Museum - Modelmania from 15 December 2018 - 10 November 2019

    North in Focus: Modelmania from Bradford UNESCO City of Film on Vimeo.

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  • Mon

    Not Just Hockney art exhibition

    12:30 pmBradford's Big Screen



    Not Just Hockney is the brainchild of amateur arts enthusiast Colin Neville. The monthly exhibition features work from painters, ceramists, textile and jewellery makers. Artists involved say the project gives them vital outdoor “gallery” space after harsh economic times have seen many local galleries closing. If you can't get down to the screen watch the exhibition here.

    July and August's exhibition - Local People


    Nudrat Afza is a social documentary photographer who, for over 30 years, has photographed local people from all cultural backgrounds. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is now in private and public collections, including Cartwright Hall, Bradford.  The photographs shown on the Big Screen are from Nudrat’s recent project, ‘Exodus’, documenting Jewish faith people in the city still actively practising their religion.

    Contact: www.notjusthockney.info – Nudrat Afza

    Ian Beesley is a Bradford-born documentary photographer with a distinguished international reputation for his work. His photographs have been widely exhibited, held in national collections in Britain and overseas, and featured in over 20 books.  Ian’s photographs, shown on the Big Screen, were taken when he was Bradford Football Club’s artist-in-residence from 2000 to 2002.

    Contact: www.ianbeesley.com

    Shy Burhan is a professional photographer, based in Shipley, and has lived in the Bradford district for most of her life.  She has gained praise over recent years for her social-documentary photography in the district and elsewhere. The photographs of the Big Screen are from Shy’s ‘Forty’ project, symbolising the lives of local people, including herself, who recently celebrated their 40th birthday.

    Contact: www.shybphotography.com

    John Cade is a street photographer and film-maker, born and raised in the Holme Wood area of Bradford.  Many of his photographs, as shown in the examples on the Big Screen, record the life, characters, and architecture of the city. John’s photographs have featured in a Bradford Photographic Society exhibition at Shipley library and publicly displayed in commercial premises in Bradford.

    Website: www.johncadefilmandphotography.co.uk

    Phil Jackson is a Bradford born and based photographer specializing in local social-documentary projects. His work has been featured in local newspaper and magazine articles and exhibited at the Saltaire Arts Trail. Phil’s photographs on the Big Screen feature one local man, Paul Rowe, and are taken from a series titled 'Paul Loves Karaoke', illustrating Paul’s life, and in particular, his love of singing in public.

    Contact details: www.philjackson-avantifoto.co.uk

    Justin Leeming is a Menston based graphic designer, photographer and figurative artist with many years experience of working in the graphic design and print industries, as well as freelance painting.  His work has been exhibited regionally, including at Cartwright Hall and at the Saltaire and Ilkley Arts Trails.  Justin’s photographs on the Big Screen  are from his ‘Band Serie’ illustrating the lively music scene in the region.

    Contact: www.justinleeming.crevado.com

    Bradford UNESCO City of Film, David Wilson said: “Some of the artists we are working with are well known but others are not and so we’re delighted to be supporting local creativity. The images and photographs of the work are stunning and will no doubt draw some real attention in City Park.”

    Not Just Hockney will run every day at 1230 on Bradford Big Screen. Five different artists will feature  bi-monthly.  For more see http://www.notjusthockney.info/

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  • Thu

    We Are Bradford - Local Stories on the Big Screen

    11:30 amBradford's Big Screen

    We Are Bradford - Local Stories on the Big Screen

    The BBC are asking people in the city what stories matter to them. The stories featured in We Are Bradford reflect all aspects of the city’s life. Local people want to celebrate the great things about their city which aren't always part of the news. Join in the celebration of Bradford at 11.30am and 2pm daily on the big screen as we show a round-up of the stories from around the city. Here's a taste of what to expect.

    This exhibition is brought to the big screen in partnership with Bradford UNESCO City of Film and BBC Yorkshire.

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We do accept some commercial content, campaigns and advertising on the premise that it sits within our content guidelines.

The basic service on offer includes

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