Autism friendly opening at the National Media Museum

National Media MuseumAutism friendly opening at the National Media Museum

Saturday 18 June, 2016  

An autism friendly event is taking place at the National Media Museum, as it opens its doors early for a special ‘quiet time’ visit.

On Saturday 18 June, 2016, the Museum opens at 8.30am, rather than the usual time of 10am, to allow families with children with autism to look around the Museum outside its regular opening hours.

Vicky Clifton, Head of Learning, said: “During this early-bird event, guests can explore the museum and its galleries in their own time, when fewer people are here. There are fun activities happening that families can enjoy, as well as an autism friendly IMAX screening of the film Robots in 3D, where sound levels will be turned down a little and guests can move around and talk more easily.”

 All the Museum’s permanent galleries will be open, including the Kodak Gallery, telling the story of popular photography; Experience TV, which gives an interactive look at the past, present and future of television; the Animation Gallery and Life Online, where visitors can explore the history of the internet and Worldwide Web.

Free activities include making an ultra-violet torch – used to make invisible messages and drawings visible; and designing a Thaumatrope – a spinning toy popular in the Victorian period which has links to the earliest forms of animation.

The animated film Robots features the voices of Robin Williams and Halle Berry, and will be shown in 3D in the IMAX cinema at 9.45am. Tickets cost £6.50 per child / £8.50 per adult (free for an accompanying carer) and can be booked in advance at with details of any access requirements. Entry to the Museum and its galleries is free and does not need to be booked in advance.