Bradford Film Office

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Based in the world’s first UNESCO City of Film we provide a FREE service which will allow you to find the perfect location, the ideal crew, assistance with permissions, liaisons, how to approach parking and traffic control. We are located in Bradford city centre within the historical area of Little Germany. Having close connections with the local council, businesses and property owners we can guarantee to support all your needs to ensure productions run smoothly. For any filming taking place within the Bradford district it is important to us that we are aware of your intentions so that we can assist and continue with our reputation as being a film friendly city.

The main aim is to make sure that your ideas are made into something possible with professional help and advice.

Our approach is unique and responsive, encouraging those with a creative mind in Film & Television to succeed.

“Yorkshire has breathtaking scenery and in and around Bradford there are a wealth of diverse landscapes. From scrubland to scrapyards we were able to find locations that perfectly suited the story of ‘The Selfish Giant.’ We worked with many local businesses; from horse suppliers to scrapyard owners to caterers and we found them all extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Not forgetting the City of Film office, who were extremely supportive of the project from the outset”

— Tracy O’Riordan, Producer, The Selfish Giant

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