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Bradford has been a film location since the beginning of cinema, with its indigenous film industry being traced back to the years around the First World War. By then the residents of Bradford had already witnessed important contributions to cinema development, such as the invention of the Cieroscope in Manningham in 1896. One of the first cinema shows outside Londontook place on the site where the National Media Museum now stands, in a music hall known as the People’s Palace.

More recently, the world’s first colour moving pictures have been found by the National Media Museum. The films were made by Edward Raymond Turner fromLondonwho patented his colour process on 22 March, 1899. Some of the footage features Mr Turner’s children in the garden of their home in Hounslow.

We welcome enquiries from Film Societies and Film Clubs and in some cases can arrange guest speakers etc.

As part of our DESTINATION FILM initiative we have teamed up with a number of hotels within the Bradford District to give you the option of staying over and seeing more of our filmic surroundings.

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