Bradford UNESCO City of Film – 10th Anniversary

2019 will be Bradford’s 10th Anniversary as a UNESCO Creative City, and to mark the occasion there will be a year long programme of celebrations, events and activities.

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UK Parliament congratulate Bradford UNESCO City of Film


 Highlights include 

Screen Talk

Bradford UNESCO City of Film hosted an exclusive series of enthralling talks on life working in the film and TV industry. Our guest speakers shared first hand insights into the business, and talk candidly about their experiences – from script-writing to location managing and producing.

These six Q+A sessions  – ran throughout our anniversary year and was hosted by Bradford UNESCO City of Film – offering film fans and those hoping to break into the business,  an unprecedented opportunity to learn more about one of the UK’s fastest growing industries. Our speakers have worked on productions including Top Gear, Peaky Blinders, Ackley Bridge, Vikings and The Tudors.

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Channel 4 – Diverse Festival

Channel 4’s DIVERSE Festival brought together broadcasters, indies, talent, commissioners, and wider creative industry stakeholders to celebrate diversity and inclusion, share best practice and find collaborative solutions to the big future challenges.

The event was part of the Bradford UNESCO City of Film’s 10th anniversary events. It’s the first time the event has been hosted in another English city outside of London.

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International Film Education Symposium

Keynote speakers such as, the BFI’s Head of Education Mark Reid, guests from across the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and the UK to learnt more about the power of film in education. Sessions included interactive workshops, panel discussions, and a host of opportunities to discover more about Bradford’s Film Literacy programme. For more info, click HERE

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A brief outline of our events and links to more information below:




4th March

Lights Camera Equality!

Click HERE
12th March Screen Talk with Jamie Sumner, Leon Seth & Jonathan Davies Click HERE
25th – 26th March International Film Education Symposium Click HERE
4th April Screen Talk with Enzo Cilenti Click HERE
23rd April Bradford Life on Film Click HERE
24th April Create your own…. Movie sound effects Click HERE
9th May Screen Talk with Rebecca Parnell Click HERE
28th May Create your own… Short films Click HERE
8th June Happy Anniversary Bradford UNESCO City of Film Click Here
10th – 16th June UNESCO Creative Cities Annual Meeting
17th June

Channel 4 DIVERSE Festival

Click HERE
30th June Peaky Blinders location walk, followed by Peaky Blinders Dance Click HERE
5th July Film Heritage Tour of Bradford with poetic licence Click HERE
13th July Film Heritage Tour of Bradford  Click HERE
1st – 31st August Bradford Family Film Festival Click HERE
19th September Screen Talk with Rebecca Harris Click HERE
19th – 21st September Get Smart Film Festival Click HERE
3rd October Screen Talk with Michael Hirst Click HERE
October Golden Years Film Festival Click HERE
7th November Screen Talk with Ann Sheehan Click HERE
November Civic Reception
November RW Paul: Scientist & Showman Click HERE