Take 13 – What the civilised world has been waiting for

Take 13

What the civilised world has been waiting for

“Fancy popping round ours tonight to watch a film? I’ll surprise you!”

Sounds like a nice idea.

Get a dozen like-minded friends and neighbours taking it in turns and it becomes a very sociable idea.

Then everyone else wants to join in. It would be great, but our sitting room isn’t that big so we borrow someone else’s much bigger sitting room at the Bradford Club.

Then, of course, everyone wants to know when we’re doing it again. So here we are, doing it again (and again).

The premise:

Watch a great film in a great place and hear why it means so much to the person that can’t wait to introduce it.

Plus meet new people and make new friends in a friendly environment.

Our next event

Chandeliers:Champagne: Choc-Ices

2pm 14 April 2013. French Ballroom, Midland Hotel

The film screening starts at 3pm. There will be an intermission and an opportunity to talk amongst friends afterwards. Food is available to order throughout the day and can be ordered in advance.

Please speak to us about up coming events, future screenings and venues. We’re also interested in hearing from businesses and organisation who are keen to work with us.



With kind support from Bradford UNESCO City of Film